Leander Club: The First 200 Years

The aim of this bicentenary book is to celebrate the oldest and fastest rowing club.

Leander has more Olympic medals than any other sports club in the World. It contributes over 50% of members of the British rowing squad – and GB has been the top rowing nation at the last three Olympic Games.

Members of the Club shared their memories and photographs to enable the Editor to develop this 300 page volume, with 450 illustrations. Members also subscribed 3,000 copies.

With such a rich past, the book inevitably became a history of the development of the sport of rowing. Several new discoveries were made during research – heroic tales from both World Wars, forgotten Olympic medals, families re-united.

The infamous ‘Pink Palace Revolution’ in which the General Committee resigned wholesale to make way for the dynamic team which returned the Club to its former glory, is described for the first time: “This was not a coup but a fight for the survival of the club I loved” wrote the so-called ‘rebel leader’.

The culture and practices which ensure the sustainable pursuit of excellence is detailed: ‘Enduring success comes from being constantly proud of one’s history while also recognising that tomorrow is going to be different. This isn’t the past of rowing, it’s the future.”