Running Life

Drawing on her own experience, Dame Kelly guides you through how to harness your mind and reap the benefits of good food and exercise.

She covers:

Mindset: Change your mindset to reach emotional wellbeing with easy-to-follow mindfulness exercises.

Fitness: keep your body strong with easy exercises you can perform anywhere, plus Kelly’s top running tips.

Nutrition: learn which foods best nourish your body with 5 ways to improve the way you eat.

Packed full of advice, and personal tips from Dame Kelly, the book will teach you how to make positive changes to your life. Whether you are taking your first tentative steps on your fitness journey or looking for help to stay focused, let Kelly inspire you to realise your potential. It’s not just about eating good food and getting fit, it’s about how to use fitness and nutrition as a way of feeling good, to become both mentally and physically at your peak.