2012 winner:


A breathtaking photographic celebration of the world’s oldest and most famous tennis championships. Featuring more than 300 stunning photographs, the book captures the glorious diversity of people, action and moods that make up the unique character and atmosphere of Wimbledon during the magical summer fortnight when a small corner of London SW19 becomes the centre of the sporting world.



2012 shortlist:


Chris Arnot sets off around Britain in search of our lost cricket grounds in this nostalgic and poignant book, which features everything from widely-lamented county grounds to little-known village clubs, and is illustrated throughout with striking and often unpublished photographs.







This extraordinary collection of photographs is the result of years of patience combined with the unique skill of Laurence Griffith’s eye and his technical mastery of the camera. His commitment to the theme mixes fine observation with perspective-defying scenes of extraordinary beauty in their colour and drama. Although this book is clearly for the cricket enthusiast, few will be invulnerable to its stunning visual appeal and the unmistakeable atmosphere of one of British society’s most curious and beloved sporting traditions.



Complete with incredible, specially selected photographs, Sir Steve Redgrave recounts his favourite Olympic stories and reveals what it is that makes these moments truly great. All the stars of past and present are here, including Seb Coe, Nadia Comaneci, Mark Spitz, Jesse Owens, Fanny Blankers-Koen, Bob Beamon, Ed Moses, Flojo, Eric the Eel, Michael Johnson, Eric Liddell, Daley Thompson, Chris Boardman, Kelly Holmes and Cassius Clay.
Also included are some of the more infamous moments of Olympic history, including Black Power 1968, the Munich massacre of 1972, Mary Decker’s clash with Zola Budd in LA 1984 and Ben Johnson’s disqualification at Seoul 1988, to name but a few.




This book describes Europe’s fifty greatest cycle climbs, with details of the route (with maps), the length and height, and compelling descriptions of the main points of interest along the way. It is a book for cyclists of all interest and abilities, from experienced club racers to enthusiastic amateurs.







The definitive collection of the 100 greatest British sporting legends, as selected by people who understand what a true legend really is: talkSPORT. This book will not only provide some happy memories of great achievements, but cause much controversy – just like talkSPORT itself.







Remember when boxing ruled the sporting world, when great boxers were the biggest stars of their day, and when a major bout was a global event? This book, a photographic celebration of the sport’s heyday, is a beautifully illustrated tribute to an age when the noble art was the pinnacle of professional sporting endeavour.