2012 winner:


E-types raced everywhere including Le Mans. They kick-started the careers of Grand Prix drivers, including Jackie Stewart. They beat the Ferrari 250 GTOs, designed specifically for racing, and AC Cobras. Ultimate E-type tells the story, quotes more than 200 significant players, and traces the lives of the most important E-types.





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The history of the world’s most successful endurance racing car: the Audi R8. Featuring reports of all of its 80 races, plus profiles of the 35 drivers who raced the car between 2000 and 2006 – as well as the Audi R8R and R8C of 1999.  With individual chassis details, results and observations from significant individuals involved with the R8, and iIllustrated in colour throughout with many previously unpublished photos, this book is a must for all endurance racing fans.





The story of the driver rated by many as the best woman ever to race cars, and the most capable ever to have driven in Formula One. Her 50-year career began at the age of five in South Africa, moving to Holland and England and then the USA, before gaining renewed life at the famous Goodwood Revival historic race events. This fascinating story shows that a woman can, and did, fight her way to the top of motorsport. From a five-year-old girl racing 60mph micro-midgets in South Africa, to a Formula One driver in the British Championship during her first full year of racing in the UK, and on to becoming the first and only woman ever to win a Formula One race, Desiré Wilson was a winner bested by very few of her male rivals.




is the definitive handbook on all aspects of competition driving for racing drivers, from novices to professionals, to engineers, track day participants and individuals who simply want to learn about the complexities and secrets of performance driving.








McLaren – The Wins

It is not until you stop and count up McLaren’s victories since it’s inception in 1964, that you truely appreciate the breadth and depth of this amazing marques footprint in motorsport. No other racing team can lay claim to sucesses across such a vast spectrum: McLaren has been victorious in Formula 1, Formula 2, Formula 3, Formula A/5000, Indycars, Can-Am and Interserie sportscars as well as at the Le Mans 24-hour race. This landmark book does what no other book has sought to achieve, painstakingly recording all of McLaren’s contemporary victories from 1964 until 2011. Produced with the full co-operation and endorsement of the McLaren Group, McLaren The Wins is beautifully laid out, with period photography and race results depicting each and every one of the 636 wins, up to and including the 2011 Chinese GP, spaning six momentous decades.



Porsche has become synonymous with Le Mans, having competed in every single running of the famous 24-hour sports car race since 1951. The company has won the French classic outright 16 times, with a record series of seven consecutive victories from 1981 to 1987. This beautifully designed and extensively illustrated book provides the definitive history.