The Vikki Orvice Award for Women's Sports Writing | Shortlisted

Between Overs

by Michéle Savidge

How Life Gets in the Way of Cricket

The 1970s in the East Midlands was a decade of mediocrity. As a young girl growing up there, Michéle Savidge seemed destined for a prosaic life. But everything changed when as a 12-year-old she saw Viv Richards bat. At that moment, she fell in love with Richards and with West Indies cricket. She set her sights on becoming a cricket journalist and realised that dream in spite of the obstacles in her way. Between Overs is an elegiac, often comedic, romp through the trials Michéle faced. It includes outrageous ‘Me Too’ incidents, in-depth appraisals of her hero Viv Richards and a close encounter with actor Peter O’Toole. Births, life, bereavement and depression took her away from the sport she loved. But the 2019 Cricket World Cup, a purple and green polyester tracksuit and the intense climax of the final at Lord’s saw the old flame rekindled and taught Michéle how to love life – and cricket – again.

Between Overs - FC
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