Football Book of the Year | Shortlisted

Brazil 1970

by Samindra Kunti

Brazil 1970 is the fascinating and dramatic inside story of the greatest football team of all time. Predicted to be drab and dull, the 1970 World Cup became the greatest show on Earth, with the mesmerising Brazilians at the heart of a dramatic and delirious three weeks. After their demise at the 1966 World Cup, the South Americans were no longer the masters of the game. The defenestration rattled Brazil, and left them in purgatory before they swept through the qualifiers with coach Joao Saldanha. Even so, the team left their home country discredited against the backdrop of a military dictatorship and the proliferation of science in the game. At the World Cup finals, Mario Zagallo and his cast of balletic players – including lodestar Pele, the cerebral Gerson and the ingenious Tostao – ensured Brazil would forever be synonymous with the global game and a byword for style and craft. Their triumph was also the end of Brazil’s golden era. The technocrats had invaded the terrain and Brazil would never again reach those heights.

Brazil 1970 - FC
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