Cycling Book of the Year | Shortlisted

Desire, Discrimination, Determination – Black Champions in Cycling

by Dr Marlon Moncrieffe

Black Champions in Cycling is a thorough and thoughtful exploration of the rich and often overlooked history of Black cyclists. A world-leading expert on the history and lives of Black cycling champions, former elite racer and academic Dr Marlon Moncrieffe combines his own experience of elite-level racing with that of several contributors. The first book of its kind, this collection of stories, personal reflections and interviews from the sport’s historical icons and present-day changemakers tackles prevalent issues regarding access, diversity, inclusion and representation. Exploring how prominent figures such as Major Taylor and Maurice Burton first discovered cycling, the book highlights the mentors who encouraged them to pursue their ambitions as well as the explicit and implicit forms of discrimination they faced. From the first non-white rider to race the Tour de France in 1914 to the Black cyclists pushing boundaries today, discover how a determination to succeed in the face of discrimination defined the racing careers of these great athletes.

Featuring interviews with:

Major Taylor, Kittie Knox, David Weller, Maurice Burton, Russell Williams, Nelson Vails, Justin and Cory Williams, Gregory Bauge, Rashaan Bahati, Kevin Reza, Tre Whyte, Shanaze Reade, David Clarke, Ceylin del Carmen Alvarado, Nicholas Dlamini and more.

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